About Akçakoca

Let’s learn about Akcakoca

Akcakoca District is located on the west end of the Black Sea. It is the biggest district of Duzce Province positioned as its door to sea. Due to ease of transportation to cities like Ankara and Istanbul, it has been among the centres which first started tourism in our Turkey since 1950s. Having started in 1950s, its tourism activities have gradually continued until today. Thanks to its temperate climate, Akcakoca offers a good holiday opportunity for the holiday-makers who escape from the muggy summer hot of Aegean and Mediterranean and allow them to find every tone of green and blue. While you spend your summer holiday thanks to the beauties of the sea and green in summer months, you can have a casual relaxing holiday thanks to the temperate climate in winter.

Akcakoca’s Climate

Having a temperate sea climate, the district shows transition between the Black Sea and the Marmara region in terms of climate. Temperature is usually under the influence of Eastern Black Sea climate. It is the most temperate region of Turkey in terms of temperature. Annual average temperature is 13.6 degrees.

The lowest temperature is in December and March. There are no severe freezes in the region. Wind in Akcakoca is southwester in winter months, northwester in May-June, northeaster in July, August and September, and the winter speed is less in July-August when compared to other months.

Sunshine: Sunshine rate of the sky changes in percentage. Based on the meteorological statistics of the year 1990; July had 55%, August had 62%, September had 51% sunshine in the sky. This percentage reduces to 15% in December. Rainfall: there is wet climate in every season. There are more rainfalls usually in autumn and in winter when compared to other seasons.

Historical Houses

Special architecture Mehmet Akif Palace is a 100 year-old historical building which is located in Osmaniye Quarter of Akcakoca. It reflects Akcakoca’s culture and usage. The house has 28 rooms and all of the furniture inside consists of antique artworks.

Most of the Historical Houses are located in Yukari Quarter, which is one of the oldest settlement areas of Akcakoca. 160 historical houses are protected as protected areas. Reminding of an outdoor museum, most of the civil architecture example historical houses were restored. Having 50 to 200 years’ history, these houses are gathered in 3 groups. Single floor and rectangle layout ones have larger kitchens and narrower rooms. The second historical house types are nearly-square rectangular layout and two-storey. They have a great number of but narrow windows. They were built in wooden on stone foundation, carcass and Bagdad style. The base floor of the external surface is plastered, upstairs is wood siding. They have large wooden pergolas. The third historical house types which were built more recently have larger windows, and lower ceilings. The external surface of the houses with wooden furnishings and ceilings are plastered.


Akcakoca Central Mosque is the only mosque built with that architecture in Turkey. Going beyond the traditional architectural lines, they were influenced by Seljuk Architecture style and tent pergolas and built in modern architecture concept in eight corner reinforced concrete shell system. With this characteristic, it is a unique mosque in our country.

New Meze Mosque

Uğurlu Village New Meze Mosque is 16 km to District Centre. Being a nice example of stone labour, this mosque was built in 1885s.

Sultan Orhan Mosque Sheriffi

Being one of the oldest village locations of Akcakoca, Cayagzi Village is known as the place where Orhan Gazi, one of the founders of Ottoman State, came and stayed (Gregorian 1323) and built the mosque known with his name.

Hemsin Mosque

Being 130 year-old belonging to the Ottoman era, Hemsin Mosque was restored in accordance with its original first floor without nail and the second floor wooden with long billets brought together in accordance with candy technique and its landscape was planned by our district governorship. It is 15 km to the centre.

Fakilli Inn

It is located in Fakilli Village 8 km southeast of the district centre. In particular, the regions which are called White Rooms are rich in stalactite. There are katavothre entries and substantial amount of water entry to the inn particularly in rainy times. Being very close to the surface, the inn has wet, hot and cold weather which varies a lot in summer and winter. The air of this inn is known to be healing for asthma and dyspnea.

Kurugol Canyon

Being 14 km to the district centre, the canyon in Kurugol Village makes nature and adventure lovers experience unforgettable moments with the glamorous walking-tracks which consist of easy and difficult levels. Having plant and tree types around you in company with the sound of water, you can open the doors of a colourful world for you. Far from stress, Kurugol Canyon is a must-see place with its unique nature. In the facility which is located in the entrance of the canyon, you can eat black sea salmon; get rid of your fatigue in touch with nature.

Efteni Lake

It is located within the borders of Golyaka District. You can reach the lake through the 14th km asphalt road parting in the 10th km of Duzce - Hendek highway. There are private property agricultural lands around it. The vegetation cover is very weak around it. It does not constitute a natural potential. Depending on seasons, the lake surface varies between 5 and 25 km². Water should be regulated and the bogs around the lake should be dried. It can only be used for recreative purposes if facilities are built in the acquired areas.

Hasanlar Dam Reservoir

It is located between Konuralp and Yigilca Districts on the 14th km of Duzce - Yigilca highway. It was constructed on Small Melen Water in order to irrigate Duzce Plain. Water level goes up to 42.5 km at maximum. It is surrounded by vertical sloping trees. It has a weak potential in recreational terms. It can be utilized for water sports and daily demands upon some regulations.

Aktas Waterfall

Being 11 km to the city centre, the waterfall is located in Aktas Village. You almost integrate with the nature while proceeding from the forest road, greens, streamside. And, at the end of this up-and-down and somehow tiring walk, you will be welcome by Aktas Waterfall which will help you forget all fatigue with its beauty.

Sarıyayla Waterfall

Being located in Sarıyayla Village, the waterfall is 10 kilometres to the centre. The clear water almost hugs greens. You can take a nice nature walk in the midst of greens and have a picnic in company with the musical sound of the water falling around the waterfall if you like.

Tahirli Waterfall

Tahirli Waterafall is 12 Kilometres to the District centre, and the 3 km part from the asphalt road to the waterfall area can also be used as a walking-track. After taking a walk in the midst of greens, you reach the 4-layer waterfall which is a great place for those who wish to spend time in company with water sound and in touch with nature.

Tableland Tourism

Duzce has a quite rich potential in terms of its tablelands. With its land structure, climate, rich water resources and vegetation cover it is suitable for all kinds of nature tourism. Duzce tablelands and the ponds in the tablelands are suitable for nature walks, mountain bikes, tent camps, caravans, hand-line fishing, photo safari, Off-Road, horse-drawn, and transportation facilities are comfortable. All these positive characteristics make Duzce an important potential region in terms of tableland tourism.

Sea Tourism

Being located on the west end of the Black Sea Region, and positioned as the nearest window of the Central Anatolia; Akcakoca is a pretty holiday villages where green and blue hug each other between two metropolises, Istanbul and Ankara. Being 34 km to Duzce province, it is also the biggest district of Duzce province. Akcakoca is the only tourism centre which could receive blue flag in the Black Sea beaches. There are a great number of sand beaches along the 35 km shore.

Akcakoca Beaches

Genoese Castle Beach

Being located 2 km west of Akcakoca district centre, it is the only blue flag beach in the Black Sea shores given by European Environmental Education Foundation. Its unique sand beach in touch with the forest and impressive sunset, Historical Genoese Castle is a must-see place.

Cuhallı Beach

Located in the entrance of Akcakoca and on the coastal road, the beach attracts attention with its location and landscape. The sandbar which is designed for tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and water sports and various sports activities and morning-evening walks and nearby Ayazli Cliffs attract the attention of those who want to watch sunset.

Çınarlı Beach

It is one of the oldest beaches of Akcakoca. It is frequently preferred because it is in the city centre. You can enjoy sea, pretty beach and sunset without staying away from the city. The beach is named after the centuries-old plane (çınar in Turkish) trees just behind it.

Kalkin Beach

Being 6 km to the district centre, it is within the borders of Kalkin Village. It is in touch with the forest with long sand beaches and shallow sea. Here, you can enjoy sea and sun or have a picnic in touch with nature.

Edilliagzi Beach

It is 5 km to the district centre. There are large and natural beaches in this area where forest and sea almost hug each other. It is a quite ideal atmosphere particularly for those who are looking for a calm place. There are camping type businesses where you can meet food and beverage requirements.

Karaburun Beach

Being 10 km to the city centre, it has a very large shore. There are camping and picnic areas, rural restaurants, amusement places and hostels for accommodation around it.

Women’s Beach

It is a pretty beach located on the castle road, called “Women’s Beach” by the region’s people, which only serves women along the Black Sea coast located at a point where green hugs the sea with its clear water, special sand and worth-seeing white rock formations in layers like slices of baklava.

Melenagzi Watercourse and Beach

Separating Sakarya and Duzce province from each other, it is located at the point where Melen Watercourse pours in the Black Sea and 13 km to Akcakoca district centre. There are beaches, camping areas, hotels, motels, hostels, joyous fish restaurants and amusement places along the shore.

Local Tastes

Akcakoca is also known by Melenguccegi Desert, Dardar Rice, Isirgan Food Tatlısı and quite rich in terms of fish types.

Local Turkish people’s Gozleme (a kind of pancake), creamy bread pudding .

Black Sea people’s ; Laz pastry, Yogurt Corn Bread, Red Beet Pita, Keskes.

Circassians’ Circassian Chicken, Lepsi, Mamursa, Haluju are popular.

Albanians’ Albanian Style Liver and pastry.

Tatars’ Sil pastry, Gobete Meat Pastry.

Refugees’ Katlama, Sariburma and Water Heurek.

Bosnians’ Bosnian Desert.

Duzce Meatballs, Şıra (fermented grape juice), Cutlet, Chestnut, Hazelnut, Tree Strawberry and Jam are among the foods to be tasted when you arrive in Duzce.